Monday, March 29, 2010

Loving Addison

Cold, dreary Monday would normally be cause for the Monday blues, but today the weather provided the perfect backdrop for cuddling with my baby on the couch. I've heard people say that you can never spoil a baby....not sure I totally agree, but I do know that I couldn't hold my baby for weeks while she was recovering in the NICU and I have a lot of ground to make up. I think there is something to be said for just loving on your baby. Addison still has a long way to come. She still can't breathe without oxygen assistance, she might need heart surgery this summer in Boston if some holes don't close up on their own, and she has a very high chance of developing leukemia within the next year. I can't necessarily help her with these things, but I can give her the most loving, supportive home in which to work through some of these medical issues. So, that is what we accomplished today- loving Addison. (-:
She is getting increasingly more and more frustrated with the nasal cannula on her face. She has ripped off the tape and allowed the cannula to dangle free from her nose 3 times in the last 24 hours. This created a rather long night for her parents as her monitor went off more than usual and her numbers were a lot lower than they should have been so we were a bit on edge. But, come morning she seems to have rallied. In one sense, it scares me that she rips off the tape. In another- I am very impressed by her hand strength and coordination to accomplish this feat. She is an extremely determined baby. (I used the word determined instead of stubborn because I don't want that to be traced back to me.)

This morning, our friend Lydia visited and brought Addison this crib musical box that is identical to what Addison had in the NICU. The music from this box was the only thing that would soothe her when she would get really worked up from being poked and prodded so much. Addison is very thankful to Lydia who managed to find the exact same model on Craig's list.
Addison especially enjoys the tuba line in one of the musical numbers. I keep telling her that her lung capacity is going to have to come a long way if she wants to play tuba someday.

Also, Grandma Sanford and Aunt Bekka sent Addison a box today! They sent some absolutely adorable clothes (including some Wisconsin wear) and my favorite- this pair of shoes:
They are still a little big. You would never guess by looking that these are NB shoes. Addison has the most petite feet ever- we think she got this from her Aunt Kenly. (-: A big shout out to Grandma and Aunt Bekka for this awesome box!

Anyway, off to feed Addison again. She is pretty much a bottomless pit these days which is wonderful since it signifies growth. Also, have a yummy baked macaroni and cheese in the oven for dinner. When I was making the cheese sauce, I ran out of milk so I just substituted some breast milk.....totally kidding. Just wanted to see if anyone actually read to the bottom of this post. (-: In conclusion, here are some pics of Addison's bumbo sitting up practice from this morning. Any thoughts on what she is thinking in these pictures?


  1. I'm pretty sure that last face is in reaction to your breast milk comment! ;-)

    BTW, we've been praying for you guys- all of you. Today, Michael decided that one of our cuter doll-babies will henceforth be named "Addison."

  2. I can hardly believe how tiny Addison's feet are! Wow! That NB shoe looks very enormous on her itty, bitty foot!

  3. Glad Addison likes the box we sent! Looks like she won't outgrow those shoes for while! Aunt Bekah has good taste!

  4. I think Addison may have caught sight of a very large spider coming her way....

  5. The pink shoes are adorable! I want some just like that. No thanks on the macaroni and cheese, though! :)

  6. Deanna! I just found your blog through facebook! What an awesome little mommy you are to a gorgeous little girl! Every time I see new pics of you all I say a prayer for you three. So glad you've started this blog so I can keep up with you all!

  7. I think she's saying, "There's that thing getting Mommy's face again!"

    I totally agree with loving on your baby as much as possible. Especially your first, with the others you're busier. . . Ask me how I know. Actually I about kissed the cheeks off both of ours, and am getting ready to do the same to #3. :o)

  8. First, congrats on your great blog! Funny that you show a picture of that Fisher Price aquarium music box. Our oldest, Gwen, with cerebral palsy had the same box in the NICU. We've had three of them since, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star still puts her to sleep just the way it did in the NICU and every subsequent hospital stay since. Once we made the mistake of purchasing a different model and the sing was SO much different than this version. We have two special needs children and have learned a lot of tricks over the years, but nothing has replaced that darn aquarium, which has given us much-needed sleep. Best,



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